Walking in the Pyrénées

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Hi people from all over the world !


After the theft of the bike in Madrid, I spended a week at Nowhere Festival in Spain, then a couple of days in Barcelona.

This is where the true journey began.


I decided that Barcelona was overcrowded for me and I walked on the beaches for three days, then took a train to Cerbère, France. This is the border-city with Spain. Those walking days and the meeting of two backpackers, Arnold and Paul, in Figueres made me realize how lucky I am. Honestly, no harm is done. Yes, of course, the bike is stolen and my investment of the last eighteen months is gone but Hey, I’m  still alive and in a good shape.

In the South of France, in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon, you can take a € 1 bus. My resources are scarce so I took my chance and took two of thoses buses. While arriving in Porta, a small village in the Pyrénées, I decided to talk to a group of people who look like travellers. And I was right. Jim invited me, like his five new Polish friends to his home in a small and cute village surrounded by wonderful mountains. Summits of more than two thousand metres are the spectacle that I can see every morning and every evening. And all day long also because I make a new hike everyday, trying to get on top of peaks as high as two thousand and nine hundred metres.


Hereunder you will find some pictures. I hope you will enjoy it.





Take care of your beautiful selves : Artists, Geniuses and Poets.

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  • Nico

    07.31, 2014 at 1:01

    Sorry for the pictures, i could not upload them to the computer. Technology and me does not seem to match this summer…

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