Time to set the record straight

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Didoowap Fellows,


Why leaving the website empty for 23 months, without giving any news ?

I have no idea.


The thing is, when time need to be spent on different topics, I litteraly give up old topics. Like if I am suddenly not interested in it at all. In this case, I came back home in october 2014, I had a terrible spinal disc slip. Very close from being held at the hospital for surgery. This has cuted the grass under all my hopes and all my dreams of travel. I spent almost 2 months laying in a bed to heal, doing gym, exercices with a physiotherapist. It was horrible. I was constantly on the move, free, during these last months of hitch-hiking and everything collapsed because of this problem.

It is hard to resume these last two years, so much time passed, so much experiences have been made. I decided that it was the perfect moment to keep calm and listen to me, doing what I wanted for a long time. I decided to go back to study, to do other passions, to take care of my pretty twisted mind and my huge sensitivity. I discovered so much. Actually, it helped me to be much more conscious about the limits of my body, of my mind. In a way, I became more mature probably.

So now I am focusing on my studies, on learning permaculture and organic agriculture. Get my ideals and my actions meet at some point. I do not know where it will lead me. I know that my path is now much more clear of dark clouds, muche more bright. Though not easier.

I need to write more often. After those long months, I read back my last articles. I hthink I have a thing for writing, even though english is not my native language. Even so, I enjoy to write which is the most important.


I am currently in Switzerland, discovering new perspectives on education. I make the promise to myself to write again and to reshape a bit the website.

I give you these two ictures, one from the Swiss Day fireworks and the second one of the view at Montreuex Riviera. The firework is a nice metaphor of this website « rebirth ».


I wish you a happy day folks,


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