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In the beginning there was an idea

And this idea was without form, and void

The project took shape in 2012. My brother Christophe and his girlfriend Helene came back from Thailand where they have travelled a couple of weeks. they showed the pictures of their trip and I directly fell in love with the country. I grabbed informations from here and there about Thailand and the surrounding countries. My inner feeling for the travel was awakened and eager to know more about this region of the world.


I have never considered travelling far away if it is not for a long time. The joy of discovering a place is not in the superficiality that tourist attractions provides. I want to see what is really happening, discover a place from inside, from the inhabitant point of view. I want to discover the differences in culture, language, habits and customs.


I have just checked on a world map how to go to Thailand. And I found that it was « only » 8000 miles away from Belgium. I immediately connected the dots in my mind : why not go to Thailand with the bicycle ?

With this basic idea, I could see two desires together .


After having written on the map the path of this journey, I just realised that I can also visit the surrounding countries. Country after country, region after region, continent after continent, I finally drawed a whole revolution of the world.




And I said, Let there be light : and there was light


I do not believe into coincidences. At the same time, I must confess that sometimes, Life is bringing a lot of good things on a silver platter. After the basic idea was born, everything that happened in my life was aimed at this thought.

The idea then became a project.

A lot of people that I have met after that where connected, directly or indirectly with the travel. I met fantastic people, which gave me more confidence into my project. My family and my friends where also very helpful while giving me good advices, books to read, movies to see or folks to meet. All my personnel researches and informations where also aiming into one way.


The real foundations of the project Riding My World have been made with the help of Zoom Jeunes, a program of Promo Jeunes asbl, an association in Brussels which gives help to young creators to make their project becoming a reality. The very pragmatic lessons that I had there, plus the connections that have been made with the other participants have been so helpful that I still have very good contacts with those fellow partners.


In parallel, I began to make a lot of different Improv workshops, which where all into different countries. I visited Denmark and Spain, that I have never discovered before. I also travelled in France in regions that where unknown for me. I had the opportunity to work in the theatre festival of Avignon in 2013. As I have written previously, all of those moments are connected. I have learned so much about Improv Theatre and also made a lot of good friends while travelling here and there. It was like everything was suddenly going wild around me. A source of good events that took shape into the Riding My World Project.

I must recognize that connecting Improv Theatre with the bicycle journeys has sprouted very lately. The reason was simple : I was not able to see how to connect those two passions together.




And I said, Let there be a Europe Summer Tour in 2014


I had enough resources and enough confidence into the project so far to make it happen. I then planned a tour of Europe during the summer of 2014. Bicycle was ready, paniers on the bike, faith in my mind and energy into the body. I have worked enough to grabe the money to buy all these stuffs and because of my ecological and economical philosophy, I have bought one hell of a bike that could carry me, on the long run, to do better and longer journeys.


The purpose of this true experience was to test my abilities into the journey : how can I deal with it, physically or mentally ? How the bike will run ? How can I handle the website, the pictures, etc. while being far away ? And so much more questions. All of those could only find answers into the experience itself.


Well, the experience was short. The bike did not have ridden a single kilometer. Why ? Because it was stolen in Madrid. The planned departure was on the 21st of June and was finally delayed to the 3rd of July because I was still waiting for the wheels, my supplier having troubles with the parts. Anyway. I invite you to read the first articles of the Blog here to have more informations about it.

But I have decided to continue. Even though I was without bike, what I was looking for was also the travel itself. So I continued the journey while walking, hitch-hiking, depending on the conditions. The experience is totally different and also amazingly interesting.


Thus I realized that nothing should be set in stone. Everything can happen, out of control, like in Improv. And there comes the missing connections. My friends of The Ghost Sheep -an improv company in Brussels- that I have joined in Greece makes me understand that one passion in your life does not have to occurs the others. I am able to link everything into one single project.


Riding my World is now going Improv.




And I said, Thou shall have Faith in your Dream


Everything is unexpected in life. The Human being has always tried to control his destiny, to control the nature, to avoid risks. But nothing can be under control. And that is what makes life so interesting. I do not would like to make the same mistakes than previously. I have learned since. I just keep in my mind a very blurred image of a World tour with my bicycle, while experimenting different ways of doing Improv, theatre, singing, dancing and everything that is related to the creative field of theatre arts.


I want to connect this with my own bottom lines, my own philosophy, my opinions about the world, whether it is about ecology, economy, politics and philosophy.


I want to build something out of these hazy ideas. And this will take shape through my experimentations and with the help of this website, which is my open notebook. I want to share this project with you. That is why I call it a social project. Because without you, I am just a tiny dust in the universe. With your help, whatever this help can be, I can make this dream that once popped out of my mind a truth.


How can you help ? Just over here : Help Me




Where am I right now  ?