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Your gears or money


Being an independent person and a self-learner involves that I work on my own on this project. Travelling by bike and holding this blog calls for some gears and resources that I does not have all the time. I try to handle with a lot of second-hands gears, borrowed or given belongings. Because of my « Reduce-Reuse-Recycle » approach, I do not trust the idea that I need the « best-of-its-class » equipment to fit my needs.


At the same time, I would like to increase the quality of the pictures and other virtual materials that I can share with you. I also want to have a reliable enough bike to travel without worries -even though life is full of surprises :) -.


Because of the bike theft in Madrid, I have to make a fresh start. So I am calling for buying a new bike in priority. The budget, if everything is brand new is around € 2.500. If together, we can reduce this amount with some sponsoring, second hand good deals or any donation, in equipment or money, I will be very grateful.


Like the ideas, every gift, donation, sponsoring actions or so is a brick that build the house. And if you have any original idea to share, feel free to contact me or tell your friends about it.

For any donation, use Paypal (on the right of the page) or use the following informations for a bank transfer :


Bank account number : BE28 9730 8750 2320


Bank name : Argenta Spaarbank (ASPA) / Argenta Banque d’Epargne (ASPA)

Communication : *your choice


Your ideas and knowledge


I am only a Human. Thus, I can think about everything. I can make mistakes or I can forget something. At the same time, I love to learn. If you have any ideas -and I mean it : ANY idea- that can open my perspectives, make yourself know !

No matter what the topic is, I am pretty sure that you have some skills or ideas to share which is connected to Riding My World Goes Improv. Whether it is about Improv, travel, bicycle mechanics, photography, video-making, journalism, how to write a story, how to handle a website, etc.


Never hesitate to get in touch with me or to follow the adventures through the Facebook page or the Twitter account


Because of your help, you have your seat inside the Riding My World social community.

Every kind of help is rewarded through the website via the Wall of Fame or via the sponsor bar.



Make some noise


Give some press & spread the words


Do you know a relation in the news media, working in a radio station, on a TV show ? Someone who can give some press to this ?

Of course, this may be you because the one who reads is already a communication medium.


You can make this happen while connecting me to your contacts or acquaintances. As much as you talk about this epic project, as much people can be reached to spread the Riding My World Goes Improv project at a lightning speed. This network will help me to reach people who can help me with their experience and skills.


Spread the words through any way you want.

With the help of the website. Through the Facebook page or the Twitter account. But you’ve got your own ! Talk to your family, your friends, at school, at university, at you work, in the streets or whatever crazy place.

While making some noise you give greater importance to the community surrounding this project. This is how the project is also a social one. With this critical mass of people knowing about it, a lot more knowledge, ideas and resources can be shared.




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