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Hi, I’m Nicolas

and I’m not crazy (well, maybe a little).


Born in ’87, I like to call myself a « son of Tchernobyl ». Maybe that this has something to do with my pretty agitated mind and when I am talking about agitation, I mean it in a very positive way.


I grew up in the small but lovely country that is Belgium. A very strange political/language/cultural mixed country. I have a small and lovely family who take cares about me and is always encouraging me to live my own dreams, however strange they are compared to what the society awaits from me.


I finished school at eighteen years old, my diploma of chemistry lab’ technician in the pocket, and afraid with the many, many choices that universities offered me. I began to explore widely different worlds, made half a dozen very different jobs, subscribed to different classes, read tons of books, moved eight times from different places and cities and finally, after five years of roaming about and never focusing on anything more than six months, I decided to join a theatre school.


Back to the Future.

When I was fourteen years old, I began to make theatre through Commedia Dell’Arte classes during the summer. I liked it very much and continued. What pleased me the most was all of the preliminary works : we were working on improvisations and out of those scenes, the final play took shape. Improv stays in my mind for years and seven years later, I decided to take an Improv class. Magic happened and that leaded me to take theatre classes at Kleine Academie in Brussels, a school based on the philosophy of Jacques Lecoq : dynamic of the movement. I never finished that school but that’s OK. It opened the door of my creativity back. A door that was closed after my childhood. After that, I trained myself in the fields of Contact-Improv for the dance, voice works, Improv workshops, Clown play, and many more. I wanted to explore the different fields of corporal expressions because I love it so much. I began to work as an actor and had the opportunity to make some short-lengths movies and an advertising. Acting, and more specifically, Improv acting has become, with all those experiences and these years, something anchored really deep into myself. Something that I am positively addicted to.


My other passion is about bicycles. Even though I learned at a very late age -during the summer of my thirteen years old, running into my parent’s home, yelling « Mom, I can ride the bike, I can ride it ! »-, it became ,by coincidence, a true passion.

I had to go to work. It was very bad times for me : no money, I was living in a very small village and public transports where not regular at all. I decided to take the take bike to go to work and realized that it took me less than an hour. Then I have done this commuting twice a week, then three times and so on. It became a habit, and a pleasure. I never had a car in my life and I try to use the bike as much as I can, for whatever reason. I feel myself so free while riding a bicycle. I feel alone, comfortable in my thoughts, focused on the road or the traffic. This way of moving was also responding to an ecological activism that grew up in my mind at this time.


Because Belgium is very small, I always wanted to travel and see other countries. Since 2012, I was lucky enough to meet wonderful people who connected me to the travel. Those people where themselves travellers. They narrated me their adventures, gave me recommendations about books and movies, and it fascinated me. I must confess that if none of those encounters happened, I would probably still sitting in my chair instead of writing these lines.


I am also very curious about many other topics but those who fix my attention are ecology, economic and social alternatives. With all those years, I also experimented a lot into those fields, always pushing further the limits of my « comfort zone ». I want to live a fair life where my actions have none or very few impacts on the other persons living in my surrounding community, however large the community is. One of my mantra is : « Take my individual responsibility within the collective responsibility ». It means for me that my acts have an impact on the environment and this environment is answering to those deeds.


With the help of those experiences. With the help of those marvellous people. With the help of my perseverance also. And with this philosophy in mind, I decided that time had come to make those dreams come true. This is how this project took shape.

Step by step, it is becoming a truth !


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