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Swiss Day

Time to set the record straight

Reading Time: 2 minutesDidoowap Fellows,   Why leaving the website empty for 23 months, without giving any news ? I have no idea.   The thing is, when time need to be spent on different topics, I litteraly give up old topics. Like if I am suddenly not interested in it at all. …

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Sunset over Agios Ioannis beach, Lefkadas island

Recharging batteries

Reading Time: 16 minutesHi there beautiful people,   A lot of time since the last article, and also a lot of exciting adventures that I want to tell you about.   After two weeks spent in the Pyrénées with my friend Jim. One morning, I felt the need to move. Something was tickling …

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Night writing

Lettre a l’aventurière

Reading Time: 7 minutesDes pensées perdues qui s’amoncellent dans une tête bien trop étroite pour les contenir toutes. C’est à cela que sert l’écriture : se défaire du trop plein. Vider l’esprit afin que le flux des idées puisse a nouveau circuler librement. C’est amusant de voir comme le voyage permets de relativiser …

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Always going forward, aiming at the horizon

Walking in the Pyrénées

Reading Time: 2 minutesHi people from all over the world !   After the theft of the bike in Madrid, I spended a week at Nowhere Festival in Spain, then a couple of days in Barcelona. This is where the true journey began.   I decided that Barcelona was overcrowded for me and …

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